A Small Terminal Station set in the 1960's & 1970's.

Scale 00 (4 mm)
Location Fictitious Generic British Rail Terminal Station and Goods Yard


Motive Power Late Steam and BR Green/Blue Diesels
Typical Traffic Passenger and various Goods
Locos DCC with Sound
Points DCC controlled Tortoise Motors with Lenz LS150
Signals DCC controlled Servos with ESU SwitchPilot Servo
Lights DCC using standard Lenz decoders
Controller ESU ECoS with iPhone App 'TouchCab'
Track Tillig track and points
Coupling Kadee
Layout Size 8' x 2' viewing area and 4' x 1' Fiddle Yard
Contact Peter Crichton


Track Plan

Not To Scale


Rederring is my first exhibition layout, I have helped at a number of exhibitions over the last few years and my fingers were itching build my own layout. I was inspired to start it after the Workington Show in 2008 when a friend built a layout at short notice to fill a gap, his took a couple of days Rederring has taken a little longer.

The layouts first appearance was at two days notice at the Blackburn Carers Exhibition at the end of January 2010.

I had all sorts of ideas of basing the layout on various real locations but in the end I decided to build a small generic branch line terminal station. It is not based on any particular area but has a small station and goods yard and I am able to operate whatever I like without being too restricted. The time period will be 60’s and 70’s, BR green and blue, with the end of steam and early diesels. Don’t be surprised to see some strange visitors to Rederring especially when that Blue Police Box appears Who knows what might happen!

The layout is 12’ x 2’ including a 4’ fiddle yard. It is totally DCC controlled using an ESU ECoS and an iPhone App called ‘TouchCab’.

The name ‘Rederring’ is taken from the village in Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta ‘Ruddigore’ and so if anything goes wrong using Gilbert’s play on words it is probably a ‘Red Herring!’


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